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   Sea fishing
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   Old Thread  #1 14 May 2022 at 10.52am  Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Hi i went sea fishing last Saturday night of Cromer pier and i was surprised that the Whitting was still in.i had that night Whitting and dog fish and lost to good fish come of the hook i only had size one hook on both pulley rigs but still had a good night going to night i know the tide will be on its way out but you can still catch i see it out and see it 2 to 3 hours back in i have had some good fish out by doing this in the if any one wants to join me your most welcome to I'll be on my own and my name is mick.thank you for reading this thread hope to hear your opinion on the Whitting way they are still in.good luck to you all on your fishing and catch plenty
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