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   Roughneck ultimate mortar gun
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   Old Thread  #1 27 Apr 2022 at 4.21pm  Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
So after being gifted double the amount of base mix from BAF after a postal error i decided to upgrade from my entry level Gardner sausage gun and came to the forum in search of a replacement.

After a quick search on here it was clear that the roughneck was recommended. After a quick search i had one on a next day order for 24 notes.

First impressions were that it looked good but was a thinner diameter than i expected, still it looked solidly built was was lighter then i thought.

Rolled a 6 egg mix, which wasn't particularly stiff (BAF Tropamino), and set about trying to roll some 15mm baits.

Found the assembly of the gun very easy and cutting the nozzle to the correct diameter was easy with a sharp Stanley blade, just took a coupe of attempts.

Actually using the gun was easier then the Gardner and my forearms and hands lasted the duration. I had to split the past into two batches to fit it in. It was great when finished as simple to take apart and clean each section thoroughly.

Over all a good buy and i'm more then happy with it for 6-12 egg mixes.
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