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   Korum foldall
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   Old Thread  #1 29 Dec 2021 at 7.15pm  Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Look Iím new to this so be gentle

This is the transition foldall quiver.
Was looking for a 3 rod sling, not too fussy and one that would take brolly for winter days and shelter for over nighters. I am really fussy about my gear and usually go top end, this wasnít and at under 50 quid seems brilliant. Only a couple of trips so far but it protects the reels brilliantly, has a couple of foot of my 10 foot rods poking out and the brolly and landing net pocket are very easy to access and use.
It has a middle zip so reels get double protection and itís well though through so tip tops arenít required (although I would on 12 footers) takes my 5000ts with ease and just seems a very simple solution for a product that can be made far too faffy. On short trips I always want to flick rods out first and this is a perfect quick session rod bag.
The only slight bitch I would have is not to take the centre zip all the way back and leave yourself an inch or so. Bothe my mk1 tempest and fox day brolly fit a treat. The other thing I always use is the Ďmetal/rubberí tie from the £1 shop to keep it super tight.

Worth a look. If links are allowed itís here
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