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   Actor Mk4i Baitboat (Basic 10ah)
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   Old Thread  #3 5 Jul 2021 at 6.38pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #2
An excellent and honest review, well done and thank you
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In reply to Post #1
The not so good. Both hoppers are small . . .and I mean small. Loading the central hopper was fiddly, and even turning the boat on its side (with the hopper door open) I couldn’t put my whole hand through the opening easily so had to feed the rig in ‘blind’ very carefully so as not to kink anything. I like to use heavy leads (especially when I don’t have to cast them) and when the hopper door was closed it was almost filled with a 5oz pear lead and MCF clip – the gap for feeding your leader through is also tight so again, care needs to be taken so that this is not damaged etc. It also leaves very little room for a stiff 7” hooklink so you need to be careful how this is presented and almost ‘loop it’ like a spring on top of the freebies etc. To be fair it will take a couple of scoops of freebies which is enough for a good presentation however it may not be enough for those heavy baiters out there. I did load up the rear hopper on one occasion to spread some bait about but this is limited and cannot accept 3mm/micro pellet without the majority falling out of the gaps, so to be fair I didn’t bother after that . . .the Reaper hopper is easier to load, can take more bait and can also accept longer hooklinks without fear of a poor presentation . . .

Overall and on balance a good little product. Value for money, VERY lightweight and ideal for smaller lakes / a roving approach / anglers that like to move swims frequently. It’s a manoeuvrable boat with a good battery life and is simple to operate – it also works with a deeper so is a cost effective way of mapping swims quickly and effectively.

Is it a better boat than the Reaper however . . .? From my own personal perspective the jury is still out. It’s cheaper and certainly a lot less boat to lug about – it’s also a lot more nimble for tight swims, however from a bait presentation perspective it’s definitely a bit lacklustre . . single hookbaits / braided hooklinks / small solid PVA bags maybe but anything else it’s a struggle. Reliability wise only long term use and time will tell . . .these can be serviced in the UK at a good price and there’s a lot of online backup / support so that’s def a positive . . .
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   Old Thread  #1 4 Jul 2021 at 1.37pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Actor Mk4i Baitboat (Basic 10ah Model)

Bought this to replace my trusty lake Reaper, primarily due to the ability to connect my Deeper Chirp without interference but also as a weight saving exercise. For the price of this model (£260 as I went for the poncy carbon / 10ah version) my view was it wouldn’t be too much of a disaster if I didn’t get on with it.

What you get
1x Baitboat, Controller (Single handed), 10ah Battery, Charger and cables, Spare prop, Branded cleaning cloth. I also got a free ‘gift’ in the form of an additional ‘2x battery’ charger connection (to encourage me to spend another £40 on a spare) and some bizarre branded arm warmers . . .weird!

First Impressions
This boat is SILLY lightweight . . .and I mean lightweight. With the single lipo battery and small joystick controller it’s at least a third of the total weight of a Lake Reaper and handset, easily.
One would assume that light = plasticy and cheap, however quite the opposite, this bait boat is actually very well made. The hull is sealed and then fixed with screws (unlike all previous models) meaning you can get at the innards if you need to. This model also has an exterior power switch (a mod on previous models) which again makes for simple operation. I actually like the carbon finish, however its less carbon and more ‘disco’ than I thought it would be.

First time set up
After charging the main single 10ah Lipo battery (this is in a hard plastic case) and the handset via its standard USB / micro connection everything was good to go. Press and hold on the handset power button until it beeps, then switch on the baitboat. Everything ‘connected’ first time and weirdly all the lights (barring the single white front light) came on – these cannot be turned off, and act like indicators (the red rear lights) when driving forward or turning left and right. Single press button for the central hopper release, single press button for the rear hopper release – simple and easy. The main front light can also be switched on or off at any time direct from the handset.

First time Lake use
The good. Everything straight forward – I’d fitted an ‘offset’ Deeper arm to the LHS rear of the hull and after levelling this with the waterline sent the boat out for a test drive / quick map of the area.
The boat is very responsive, and the single joystick did take a little getting used to, however it went out pretty straight (the deeper arm did affect it a little) and at an ok speed, not as fast as the Reaper but pretty much on par. The boat sits nicely in the water and is pretty stable in terms of weight distribution, arguably more so than the Reaper. Having two independently powered props means it does turn on a dime, the other great feature is that if you push ‘full ahead’ it bleeps at you and basically runs on autopilot straight ahead for a full minute, which is very useful once you’ve dropped your rig and are sorting your line / indicators etc. This can be interrupted by pushing forward again or reverse to stop it (bit like cruise control on a car) however you can still steer left and right whilst on auto mode which was useful for correcting the boat as the deeper arm does act a bit like a rudder.

The battery is excellent – 3rods were re-positioned at up to 80yards several times within a 48hr session and the indicator was still reading 80% when I packed up. Could easily see the 10ah lasting 4-5 days before a full recharge is required on this basis. No need to carry heavy lead acid spares, or a 24pack of AA's for the handset / echo / echo screen that you do for the Reaper.

The joystick is actually quite good as well compared to a more bulky and typical radio handset. Not only can you keep it in your pocket (you do have to use the lanyard however as it could easily be dropped in the lake) it is genuinely one handed meaning you can hold your rod in the other to control line and feel for the drop on release . . .you cannot do this with a Reaper as both thumbs are required for steering . . .its also easy to top up via USB with a small powerpack.

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