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   Sonik Vader X RS and Vader X Pro
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   Old Thread  #1 8 Apr 2021 at 9.06pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Took this setup out for the first time today, and there were a few good points but also some bad ones.

The rod performed well, it had a great tip and was very forgiving (this was the 3.25lb model) and handled a small 10 lb carp nicely, able to steer it away from some bank side snags without much effort. It was quite accurate when casting, although I was not able to test out how it performed at distance as the lake I was fishing is quite small.

The Vader X Pro had a few issues with it. I tried casting with a 30lb amnesia leader with a spomb, as I did not have a spod rod on this session, and the line kept on going behind the spool and tangling around it. This may have been my fault as I put on too much leader to begin with and on some casts the leader knot was above the rest of the leader on the spool, I was still not very happy. Cut off the leader and it caster fine afterwards so probably was my own fault, and probably should have used a braided leader. Apart from that it had fantastic line lay, smooth clutch and matched up nicely with the rod.

Overall this setup did ok on its first time out, over the next few sessions I will put it through some more paces and see how it performs.
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