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   Fox MX and Receiver
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   Old Thread  #2 3 Mar 2021 at 6.34pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
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blimey for me your cons outweigh the pros ;-)
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Been looking at various alarms for the past few months but didn't want to spend too much for a 3 rod set up.
Narrowed it down to these and the new cheaper delks.. went with the MX due to the alarms having switches and dials.

First impressions..
Lovely size, being slightly smaller than expected, so easy to use with the on/off switch on the front. This also changes the sensitivity.
You have what I would say every trip sensitivity and one for when it's blowing a gale! Tbh I rarely bothered with the sensitivity on older alarms so this is a nice bonus.
On the back you can change the leds to 6 different colours with a simple press of the button.
Then the volume and tone dials on the side, these are very loud when turned up lol.
Pairing to the remote is stupidly easy, there's a small button on the back which you need, say a baiting needle to press down and then turn each alarm on to pair.
The remote pairs with the tone and led setting of each alarm, loving this after moving on from my atts.

Looking what I've got for 269 with the tackle box life time guarantee seems a total bargain. There everything I need and would highly recommend if your looking for a new set.
Yeah you have nice sets from Jrc, prologic, Nd tackle etc.. but when fox are doing something like this it's a no brainer.


Take AAA batteries and AA batteries for the receiver
All black, not like the older model with the white bits on the dials.
Comes with covers
Has a switch and dial's
Receiver pairs exactly to the alarm settings
Changeable LEDs


Everything is plastic including the receiver, was expecting the receiver to had rubberised sides or a base.
(Being picky here) no drop back tone
(Could be a pain) you need a screwdriver to take the backs off when replacing the batteries

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