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   Wharf Pool Syndicate
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   Old Thread  #2 13 Feb 2021 at 8.36pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
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If itís wharf pool syndicate in stanford le hope your referring to . Yep I was on their for around 8 years good head of 20lbers in their and around 12 different 30s now his put a good strain of different stocking in their when I was on their from VS fisheries , Leanie strain , lower berry fields , couple of Simmons commons , was 6 known 30lber when I dropped my ticket in 2019 for what Iím now told . Itís a great little water limited to 50 to 60 members best way to get a ticket on their is join the pads lake for a year he always has tickets available on their bit of a mixed fishery but has good head of carp to upper 20s . I believe itís just over £200 for a ticket on their plus £25 for a refundable key deposit . which is their other lake and ask if he has any winter tickets available for wharfpool nearer to winter time for that year and that should see you get offered a ticket for the main wharf pool the following year should you have a winter ticket on their . That is the only way your get on the main wharfpool lake unless you know someone that is already on their . The year I dropped my ticket he put the price upto £450 a year which is still the same price now from speaking to other people I know on their if u did 2 work parties a year you got £50 of the following year is something he bought in the year after I dropped my ticket . They have a website with contact email on it . Or if u are on facebook drop andy a message on their wharfpool pads lake facebook page or on his other Facebook page Carplife products as he owns that aswell he has a phone number on that website
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Any current or previous members on here?

Looking for a bit of info, contact details, waiting list times, prices, opinions etc
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