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   Thinking Anglers Rucksack 1year on
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   Old Thread  #2 15 Oct 2020 at 9.40am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1
BH puts a lot of work into the design of the Thinking gear.

Good review mate.

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it was around this time last year I purchased the thinking anglers rucksack in olive green.
the rucksack has plenty of internal space with the main compartment being made up of 2 large internal sleeves left and right and 4 smaller sleeves on the front panel. these are perfect for PVA mesh, marker floats and spombs.
the larger sleeves left and right are ideal for rig safes and larger items of tackle. the large internal space provides lots of room for a small brew kit, hook baits, camera ect.
on the outside there are 2 large full length pockets, a large pocket on the front with a mesh pouch inside and an internal zipped pocket under the main compartments lid.
the large front pocket is perfect for a compact tackle box(I believe the new korda tackle box also fits In there)
in my opinion one of the best features are the bank stick loops on the front of the bag (3 on each side of front pocket) that make it possible to carry 3 single sticks and 3 bank sticks with alarms.

having used this for a good year now on near enough every session ive been on it has been fantastic.
it is the right size for a day/24hr session packing the essentials, I cut my gear right down from using it (the kitchen sink now stays at home!), it has made a massive difference in being more mobile on the bank.
the shoulder straps are very well padded and are very comfortable on long walks around lakes, the back is also very well padded.
the zips are still perfect and very good quality. the material has shown no signs of fading and still looks new (almost)
when on longer sessions I pair it up with the thinking anglers carry-all for all my clothes, camera, power packs and other items I want organised.

in summary this rucksack has been the best one I've used, overall value for money and quality is second to non.

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