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   Fox Duralite Combo Chair
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Well this chair is great , I know ...its just a chair but its so light those arms at the rear truly make this a great piece of equipment for over you bedchair .
Fits over mine with ease, and mines a Nash wideboy , whether it would fit the Emperor size not sur but very close.
Comfort wise .. well it is as comfortable as any other chair ,so yes comfortable ,if you slightly slide forward and you can rest you head on the top , so you could easily fall asleep , not a bad thing IMO .
Clips together nicely for transit ,and the legs adjust well .
The only niggle and this may be never a problem , is the Mesh at the back of the chair looks like where you will get wear and relatively easily rip or tear , but only time will tell .
8out of 10 because I can see the mesh possible letting it down in time ,otherwise it would have defiantly been 10/10
My mate tried it out this weekend and will be ordering one himself now.
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