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   Old Thread  #1 22 Feb 2020 at 11.04am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
So then, what is the deal with this legendary flavour...

In today’s world, what is considered the best brand to use?
I seem to remember reading/hearing that this flavour is not what it once was. If so - then why?

I remember Rod Hutchison once saying that he formulated this flavour with the intent on replicating the effect that ripe/fermenting fruit has on animals specifically as fruit is turning to alcohol. He used the example of Wasps acting dopey after feeding on fermenting fruit.

The first time I used Scopex in a mix was probably over 20 years ago now and it was very special.
I do have a bottle of NashBait Scopex No.1. Is this considered the number one (excuse the pun) type of Scopex flavour on the market now?

I have also had a read up on John Bakers Toppex and TM1 flavours which both seem to be formulated on Rods original theory of having a combination of flavours to replicate a certain signal type.

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