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   Old Thread  #1  27 Feb 2012 at 4.59pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
You have access to the classifieds,well done .This means you have been a member for over 3 months and have over 100 posts .In addition to that it is accepted by the moderating team that, those posts you have made have had substance and that you have made a valuable contribution to the forum .
GOOD!!.Now you have earned the privledge of having classified access,a part of the forum which is INVISIBLE to all others.**YOU ARE NOW PART OF A SELECT NUMBER ON THIS FORUM**and as such it is generally accepted that you are honest, and conduct yourselves in a manner that complies with the classified rules.It is also accepted that you treat each other in a way that you expect to be treated .
As you may all be aware if anyone rips anyone off in the classifieds,we will if it becomes neccessary pursue the matter through the police,or other possible ways (ie through your employer).The moderating team have proved to the members that we are effective when taking this route,and you will at the very least lose your thumb.
So in summary please be warned!!.We have entrusted you access to this part of the forum,please do not break that trust and respect each other .
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