CarpForum Fish In : Fen Drayton - 22nd November 2002
Firstly apolgies to everyone. Our favourite Forum ( is suffering problems.
It's not actually the website itself (which makes it more annoying) it was the BT leased line which feeds the building that went tits-up.
Most of the servers (works servers) were moved to a new building in order to keep them available. However, mine couldn't go.
Then the line to the work building was fixed, however, the DNS entries (for all the works servers) are all pointing at the newer building as they are whenever you type in it is looking for my site in the wrong place
So...HOPEFULLY when the work servers are returned to Head Office everything will fall nicely back into place, but I don't know when this will be. I would hope it will happen Friday, if it doesn't then it will happen Monday I expect.
Who is on the list to go?
Jon Banister, Jim Shelly, KArlOS, Taff, Ian Reed, Si Hale, Dinger, MO813, Stevo, Jimbo, Smudge, Carper Supreme, Mongo, craig, neil, crafty, sam, muzza, matty g, aggi, Cam, g b holland, big ron, the 2 army boyz
Click here to see a road map to Fen Drayton.
This map shows Fen Drayton (with the lakes in the middle)
This aerial map shows Fen Drayton lakes from the air
Coming up or down the A14, head for the sign that says Fen Drayton.
Go into Fen Drayton.
Continue to the end of the village and turn right 4 the pub or left for Fen
If you've turned left for Fen, go up a track and turn right over a small bridge.
Follow the shingle dirt track and turn left at the end
Go straight down and you will see a left hand turn a quarter of a mile down
Take that left and you will come to the gate!!
My Mobile is 07905 937078
Cheers, Jon